Mountain's Captive
By Dee Herga
Oct 1, 2004 - 1:25:00 PM

When Chloe Masters's father passes away leaving a will with a stipulation that she has to be married to inherit everything he owns, she decides to go for a marriage of convenience with Paul Lucas. They decide to meet in Las Vegas and get married. But tense and nervous, Chloe gets drunk on the way and ends up getting married to the wrong man. The long passionate night of sex is something Chloe has never experienced before. Its only when the morning dawns that Chloe realizes what she has done. The only way she can get her inheritance now is to find the stranger, divorce him and then get married to Paul.

Chloe finds out that her husband is Everest Beaumont and that he lives in Montana. She goes after him to get the divorce. Her plans are to never see him again. Fortunately or unfortunately, Fate has other plans for them and an avalanche snows them in. Chloe and Everest are forced to stay together. Can they dare to explore the undeniable attraction they have for each other? Chloe cannot disappoint the many people who are depending on her inheritance. Can she make the ultimate sacrifice of her happiness for them? How can she choose to deny them when she is not even sure of Everest's feelings?


MOUNTAIN'S CAPTIVE is a wickedly sexy story with a dollop of sensitivity. The sprinkles of wit and the aching, yet pleasurable moments in it make the novel an awesome read. Everest Beaumont is the wildly delicious stranger every woman would love to meet and fall in love with. Chloe Masters is successful, sexy and vulnerable, an irresistible combination and every woman's envy. Michelle M. Pillow deserves loud applauding for her efforts. There are no unfinished details and Michelle keeps the story fit, fast paced, and fun filled. From the start of the story to the very end, the intertwining of sensuality and tenderness is breathtaking and the reader is hooked! The encounters between Everest and Chloe are luscious, to say the least.

MOUNTAIN'S CAPTIVE is so captivating that it is a must-buy-must-read-and-must-keep book!

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