By Natalie S.
Jul 1, 2010 - 4:48:53 PM

Hunter James is looking forward to having a child free weekend.  He plans on getting to know Catrina Reynolds, his child’s newest nanny.  Catrina is usually reserved around him, but Hunter just senses there is a hidden side to this efficient and quiet woman.  His suspicions are confirmed when he walks in on Catrina fantasizing and calling his name.  Hunter smiles wickedly – she is SO his.

Catrina Reynolds is in awe of her employer.  He makes her tongue-tied and aroused at the same time.  Her yearnings for her sexy boss come to life in her diary knowing that they will never come true in actuality.  And then he overhears her in the shower…


WILD is the perfect title for this smoking hot novella.  Hunter’s needs are intense, and Catrina meets them.  And more.  She has the added advantage of being in love, and by weekend’s end, Hunter is more than a tiny bit in love with Catrina as well.


WILD by Madison Scott is arousing and extremely erotic.  Hunter and Catriina just ‘click’ and every touch, kiss, and caress is hot enough to cause a fire.  I might need to read this smoldering book again, you know, just to make sure!

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