In A Soldier's Arms
By Suzie Housley
Nov 26, 2012 - 5:18:49 AM

Maggie O’Neal recently lost her mother to cancer.  When a letter arrives from a grandmother she never met offering Maggie her mother
’s possessions she makes the decision to leave her home in Louisville and travel to Heather’s Hollow, Kentucky to retrieve her mother’s items and to learn more about her last living relative.

Heather’s Hollow is small community of approximately three hundred people.  Maggie fears she will become lost if she doesn’t get some directions to where her grandmother lives.  She does not want to get lost on the small winding roads and makes the decision to stop at the first café she sees.  There she meets former soldier Abram Devane. 

Abram came to Heather’s Hollow to hide out from the world.  His experience in the military left him with both physical and mental scars. On one of his rare occasions of coming into town for coffee and a home cooked meal he meets Maggie O’Neal.  Her raven hair and green eyes captures his attention.

Abram learns why Maggie is visiting Heather’s Hollow and reluctantly agrees to show her the road where her grandmother lives.  When he watches her vehicle taillights turn on the road to her grandmothers he figures he will never have the opportunity to see her again.  He doesn’t try to analyze the sense of loss he feels upon knowing this fact.

Maggie’s grandmother is full of old tradition Appalachian customs.  She learns that her grandmother is the local healer of the town folk.  Maggie would love the opportunity to learn some of her grandmother’s healing techniques but knows she must return back to her hometown of Louisville.

When a local neighbor crashes into Maggie’s car she knows that her stay will be extended.  Her granny suggests she send it to the blacksmith to get fixed, but after he looks at the extent of the damage he knows that it is beyond his means to repair.  At the blacksmith’s shop she once again meets Abram and he offers to tow her car to the local dealership to get it fixed.  Maggie agrees to his offer and finds she looks forward to being in such close quarters with Abram. 

Maggie’s extended stay in Heather’s Hollow allows her to discover the beauty the mountains hold.  She also finds herself spending more time getting to know Abram.  When the time comes for her to return home will she turn her back on all that she discovered in Heather’s Hollow to return to modern civilization?  Or will the magical mountain air surround her with love and acceptance and beckon her to return to her hometown roots?

IN A SOLDIER’S ARMS is just what this reader was craving to experience.  This heartwarming romance wrapped its way around my heart as it introduced to me unforgettable characters that I felt an immediate connection with.  This is the first book I discovered by Marin Thomas, but I assure you that it will not be my last.  Ms. Thomas’s writing style has captured my attention and I am assured that she will fast become one of my favorite authors.

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