M & M Presents: Christmas
By Julia
Feb 1, 2005 - 12:44:00 AM



Victoria is sick and tired of her boss Frank.  He gropes her and constantly harasses her on the job.  She can’t go to work anywhere else and she needs the money.  He’s successfully alienated her from the rest of the people working there because they all believe she is having an affair with him.  When he ropes her into staying late and doing his job again, she starts to wonder if this is really worth it.  When she meets the delivery man, she is instantly attracted and wants to know more about this very handsome man.  There’s a lot more going on than meets the eye and when Frank shows up that evening, everything starts to unravel.

TRUST IN THE SEASON has a lot of action and is very fast paced.  Frank is truly a jerk, who deserves what he gets. Philip is a great guy who seems to be perfect for Victoria.  I liked the interaction between the characters and Victoria was a really likeable character.



THE CHRISTMAS CURSE by Michelle M. Pillow


Megan is sure that she is cursed for Christmas.  Every year that she tries to celebrate Christmas, something horrible happens. Her boyfriend Sean has tried to convince her it’s just coincidence and finally manages to get her to invite him to her parents for Christmas.  Megan has been sure something was going to happen and sure enough, the day before Christmas Sean broke up with her.  Or did he?


Sean is a great character in this story.  CHRISTMAS CURSE is funny and cute; and at times I found myself laughing out loud at the situations he got himself into to get Megan.  He’s completely unaware that she thinks he broke up with her, and that’s part of what makes it funny at first.  This was a great story that was fun to read and I highly recommend it.


M&M PRESENTS: CHRISTMAS is a wonderful pair of stories that will get you in the Christmas spirit, even if it’s not that time of year.  Both stories bring out a little bit of the joy that goes with Christmas, and are great fun to read. In their own way, both heroines get to have their dreams come true in a completely different manner.  If you are looking for something light and fun to read, give this one a try.

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