MacNarama's Lady
By claudette
Sep 21, 2011 - 7:00:30 PM

They have nothing in common but their best friends and an attraction, neither intends to act on.  

Missy Sinclair and T.S. MacNamara are complete opposites.  She’s champagne and he’s beer.  A class act, the last thing Missy wants in her life is a blue collar man at her side.  Missy freely admits she’s a snob, who has worked hard to get as far away from the ignorant, lazy working class males in her family who blamed everyone but themselves for their failings.


T.S. is a strong man who has accomplished a great deal with his own two hands and a good business brain.  He thinks that Missy is hot but she’s clearly uninterested and probably too high maintenance anyway.


When Missy is attacked, T.S. is her knight in a tux.  His strength, caring and protectiveness are a surprise, but combined with her vulnerability lead to a breakdown in the distance she’s always maintained between them.  Once unleashed, their passion threatens to derail Missy’s carefully structured plans for her future.  T.S. isn’t a man who is interested in settling down and Missy doesn’t settle period. 


I love the way that Ms. Walters shows us how the main characters think and feel, allowing the reader to understand Missy and T.S. and be drawn into their emotions.  Missy and T.S. are best friends to the main characters in a previous book, CRAVING CANDY.


Though I wouldn’t have put these two characters together, their pairing works beautifully.  N.J. Walters is a favorite author of mine for good reason.  Her sexy and emotively written romances tick all the boxes.

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