Mad About The Man - The Grayson Series Book 3
By Michele Rioli
Dec 31, 2015 - 6:09:13 PM

Love and deception have a lot in common. Brie Grayson, a beautiful lawyer, was deeply in love with a handsome man, but she had her heart broken after she found out he was married. The sneaky rat! As a result, she went jobless and loveless. So Brie vows never to go through such misery again and she forms an ironclad shell around her heart. Will she ever find an honest guy to make her heart go pitter-patter again?

Now, Brie works at a different, but much more esteemed, law firm. A big deal is in the works to sway the head honcho from a luxury hotel. Brie is sent along with another associate, as negotiators, headed towards the tennis courts to meet with the new client. Oh my gosh, it is the young man from the seventh grade who made school dreadful for her with his insistent teasing! Yet, glancing at the smug face of hotel mogul Maddox Monroe, Brie finds him very easy on the eyes! Maddox’s home life was brutal growing up but after some setbacks, he took the right road and jumped on the track to success. Astonished to meet his school crush, Brie, after all these years, Maddox mulls over his options. He is determined to woo and dine sweet cheeks Brie. However, while playing tennis together, he is hit in the face by Brie’s tennis ball after he taunts her. Oh nuts, he probably just messed up his chances with her. Just his luck! He tries to spend time with her, while taking things slow to gain her trust. Will Maddox win over Brie’s heart? When they are together, their attraction is hot, hot, hot! Will the risk of loving Maddox be too much for Brie to handle? She needs a sincere man, one she can trust. Will Maddox be the one or not?

Smart, sassy and very sexy, MAD ABOUT THE MAN is as refreshing as sparkling lemonade in the summer heat. Brie is attracted to Maddox Monroe in a big way, because whenever she is near him, her betraying heart beats to the tune of brass drums. Love and deception rule this divine love story about two bantering anti-heroes. Brie and Maddox have to decide whether they are meant for each other or not. Will Brie let down her guard long enough for Maddox to work his way into her heart? Ms. Warren writes a brilliant, fresh love story and tells the complete truth about falling in love and the people who do it. I loved the sparks of attraction between Maddox and Brie, which is quite staggering to say the least. MAD ABOUT THE MAN is sizzling with wittiness and sparkling with seduction. Sexiness personified!

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