Mad About Max

Author: Lisa Plumley

Publisher: Zebra Books

Release Date: July 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Max Nolan's life couldn't be better.  He believes equally in hard work and luck, and both have been going his way.  He's living in a beautiful loft apartment in Phoenix, with a spectacular mountain view.  His career as an entrepreneur is a huge success and it just keeps improving.  His dating record is pretty darn successful, too.  Until now, anyway, when his current girlfriend decides to drop all of his suits into a donation bin.  How is Max going to get through his important meeting this morning when his lucky suit is on its way to a thrift shop?

Lucy Logan manages Successfully Dressed, a shop aimed at helping people afford the clothes they need for job interviews and other important events.  It's a paycheck-to-paycheck kind of job but she loves it.  She has purple hair, multiple piercings and a bohemian style.  Most of her friends are artsy types and Lucy is always there to lend support whenever and however it's needed.  When she's out picking up donations for the shop one day, a hunky guy in his underwear tries to tell her that the business clothes in a usually-empty bin along her route aren't really a donation at all.  Lucy isn't impressed.  She won't return the clothes or even let him buy his "lucky suit" back.  But she's willing to make a deal.  If he'll volunteer at the shop, he can get his lucky suit back at the end of the week.


What choice does Max have?  After his important meeting turns into a near-disaster, he has to get that lucky suit back.  It looks like he'll be volunteering at Lucy's shop.  Somehow, Max manages to fit right in with Lucy's crunchy-granola crowd, and he finds himself strangely eager to fit in with Lucy, too.  He can't seriously be attracted to her, can he?  She's nothing like the sleek, sophisticated women he usually dates.  Max isn't Lucy's usual type either.  Come on, he's a big-shot businessman!  She's not exactly in the market for a relationship anyway, and neither is Max.  But Lucy can't fight the attraction any more than he can.  What happens when Volunteer Week is over for Max and it's time to go back to his real life?


MAD ABOUT MAX kept me laughing from beginning to end.  What great characters!  Max and Lucy were both a lot of fun and an eclectic cast of secondary characters spiced up the story.  I loved the contrast between Max and Lucy's lifestyles, friendships, and philosophies.  Lucy strongly believes that intentions are more important than consequences.  Can she have anything in common with someone who insists that intentions are irrelevant and only results matter?  Things rarely went smoothly between Max and Lucy, but there was never a dull moment.  They had plenty to learn about themselves and each other.  I hoped they would manage to compromise instead of just going their separate ways when Max's stint at the thrift store ended.  Very highly recommended, especially for fans of romantic comedy.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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