Mad About The Boy
By pamelalynne
Apr 10, 2012 - 1:28:19 PM

Julia Mendoza is shopping in her local grocery store when a woman who has all but been stalking her, approaches. In her hurry to flee, she runs into a super hot surfer named Chris. Desperate to get away, she asks him to pretend he is her boyfriend in order to scare the crazy woman away. It works and Julia leaves with the promise of calling Chris to set up a date with him. It is a promise that Julia decides that she just cannot follow through with.

Later, Julia arrives at Augustine Hotel to meet with Ben Augustine about employing her services as a designer. She has fought hard to make her business, By Design, a success, and she really needs this job. Imagine her surprise when she runs into Chris at the hotel. It turns out that he is the owner of Augustine Hotels. Determined not to let their earlier embarrassing encounter get in the way of landing the job, Julia tries to be all business. Chris completely ignores her attempts at professionalism and proceeds to set up a date with her.

Julia really likes him, but is not sure if she is ready to open up to someone yet. She lost her husband two years ago, and feels guilty for having feelings for another man. It seems no matter how hard Julia tries, Chris just keeps getting under her skin. It does not take long before she is venturing in dangerous territory with him. Can Julia let go of her past and take a chance on love again?!

I will be honest and admit that I am not a big fan of most contemporary romance. It is kind of hit or miss for me when selecting a title from that genre, but I have to say that author Suzan Battah totally changed my perspective on contemporary romance novels. Ms. Battah hammered the nail right on the head with MAD ABOUT THE BOY. Never before have I seen such detail, passion, in one story. MAD ABOUT THE BOY is a wonderful tale of an emotionally scarred woman finding love for the second time in her life, and her struggle to hold onto it. I found myself laughing and crying a lot during this story. MAD ABOUT THE BOY is a keeper.

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