Mad about Mirabelle
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 17, 2009 - 5:15:20 PM

At her friend Clarisse’s insistence Mirabelle Turner accepts her offer of a limo ride from the nightclub where they’d spent the evening.  The last thing Mirabelle expects is for one of Clarisse’s boy toys to jump in and start pawing at her.  Unlike her friend, Mirabelle isn’t a partier and isn’t into indiscriminate sex.  Fortunately the limo driver comes to her rescue and there’s something so deliciously sinful and ‘safe’ about him that she gives in to her desires and has sex in the back of the limo.  After all, she won’t see him again right?

Flynn Curtis isn’t really a limo driver.  He’s simply helping out his friend by filling in for one night.  Of course he’s heard all about Clarisse’s sexual antics so he’s keeping one eye on the action in the backseat while watching the road with the other.  He isn’t aware that the woman he’s supposed to be driving and the one in the backseat aren’t one in the same, but after saving her from the overenthusiastic ‘suitor’ Flynn can’t resist getting down and dirty with her himself. 


Flynn dropped the woman he thought to be Clarisse off at her place so imagine his surprise when his aunt introduces him to her neighbor and it turns out to be the woman from the limo.  Mirabelle is convinced that her luck couldn’t possibly get any worse – her one indulgence in a hot steamy one night stand with a stranger and of course he’s related to her neighbor.  There’s no denying the sexual tension that sizzles whenever they’re near each other but having indiscriminate sex with her friendly neighbor’s nephew just doesn’t seem right. 


Flynn isn’t put off though and he seizes every opportunity to indulge in his every carnal desire with Mirabelle.  When his Aunt Lila’s house burns down she graciously accepts Mirabelle’s offer to move in with her and of course Flynn moves in too.  Flynn and Mirabelle’s affair continues though it’s a bit more restrained with Aunt Lila being in such close proximity but there’s something fishy about Aunt Lila’s house fire and definitely a little too much searching through the ashes late at night.   Is it a simple act of looting or is there something more sinister going on?  The mystery and truth about Aunt Lila is as shocking as it is stimulating but does it put Mirabelle in danger?


MAD ABOUT MIRABELLA starts out as a fast paced heated sexual marathon between two relative strangers but quickly develops substenance and a plot that kept me intrigued.  Flynn and Mirabelle make no apologies for enjoying their sexual relationship without knowing much about each other but with Aunt Lila’s house fire they’re brought together and since having sex 24/7 isn’t really feasible, they get to know each other on a more basic level.  The mystery surrounding Aunt Lila has me questioning everything I’ve ever believed about little old ladies; after all they once were young woman!  Amarinda Jones combines plenty of smoldering sex with a bit of mystery and delivers a story worthy of immersing yourself in for the afternoon.


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