Made For Each Other
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 1, 2007 - 8:18:42 AM

Lesley Farmer has found himself in a most uncomfortable situation.   A huge tree has fallen through the roof of his home and despite the fact that the contractor is not his type, his body is making it exceedingly obvious that it has other ideas.   As the Director of Library Services he’s conservative and scholarly so why would he be getting a case of raging hormones for a woman who makes her living working with her hands.

Contractor Charlene McKinley has never experienced such a peculiar situation before.   For some strange reason she’s practically panting over a potential client.   She likes her men buff and earthy yet from the moment she meets Leslie she’s been instantly hot and bothered.   Lesley works at the university library, and they couldn’t possibly have anything in common.


It’s obvious that neither Leslie nor Charlene is going to be able to ignore their raging hormones and they quickly give in to temptation.   It’s the perfect solution to get each other out of their systems but afterwards they’re left wondering ‘what next.’   Neither of them do one-night stands so the only solution is to go on a couple of dates and get to know each other.   It’s a little unorthodox especially since they’ve already done the horizontal mambo but it’s worth a try.   Things heat up as a series of misunderstandings and assumptions lead to a few hideous dates that have them frustrated. They’re so wrong for each other and so turned on at the same time.   It makes no sense for them to continue seeing each other and yet, he keeps coming up with more work that needs done on his house just to keep her around.   They soon begin discovering the many things that they do have in common - besides fantastic sex.   Leslie’s ready to settle down and he believes that Charlene is the woman for him, but it’s going to take a little work to convince her that they were MADE FOR EACH OTHER.   Is he up to the task?


Morgan Ashbury will have readers in stitches over this opposites attract storyline.   Sparks fly from the very first page and I got a warped sense of amusement from the misunderstandings and misconceptions which would have been so avoidable if Leslie and Charlene had only gotten to know a little about each other before their first date.   I really loved Charlene’s temper and how she gets even when she thinks she’s been wronged.   Leslie’s level-headed and has to plan things out which leads to some interesting problems but he’s definitely a likeable character.   MADE FOR EACH OTHER is a fun filled story that will keep readers interest throughout the storyline as they wonder if these two vastly different characters will ever discover just how right they are for each other.

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