The Belle's of Texas - Madison's Children
By Dottie
Nov 22, 2009 - 12:50:29 PM

Madison Belle and her two sisters, Caitlin and Skylar, inherited the family ranch.  She was a city girl, but she took over running the ranch when her older sister Caitlin got married and moved to her new husband’s home. 
Madison is the middle child and she is known for being a good girl unlike her two sisters.  When she was younger, she was diagnosed with cancer in her left ovary, for which she had surgery.  Later, cancer was found in her right ovary.  So the be safe, the next surgery was more invasive, leaving her unable to have children.  Madison was devastated.  She had always wanted children of her own and now she figured no man would want damaged goods.

Walker, who is the law in High Cotton, Texas, is trying to juggle raising his two children, Haley and George, since his wife left them for her boyfriend, and doing his job, which is time consuming.  When married, he was away from home a lot due to his job so his relationship with Haley was strained, even though his younger child George was close to him.  Walker and his sister Nell own a general store and he leaves the running of it to her.  Though Nell sometimes watches his children, that situation is not working out.  He needs to find help with his children.


When Madison and Walker first met, the attraction was mutual, but he made the mistake of commenting that she looked like a child.  This upset her because she wanted him to see her as a woman.  So she avoided him until she found his children in her barn with their pregnant teenage neighbor Ginny.  Madison called Walker to pick them up, which he did, but he had an attitude with her.  She asked him to intervene on Ginny’s behalf with her parents because Madison suspected that Ginny lived in an abusive home.  However, when she discovered just how bad Ginny’s situation was, she gave her fifty dollars to catch the bus to go the home of Ginny’s aunt.  But when Walker came to her house looking for his two children, Madison knew Ginny had conned her.  So Madison insists on going with Walker to find his children.  Now, if only they can find the children who accepted a ride with a truck driver.  As they search for the children, Walker and Madison are drawn closer, but can they find the children before something bad happens to them?


MADISON’S CHILDREN, the second book in the BELLES OF TEXAS trilogy, is an emotional, heart-tugging contemporary romance.  Madison lives constantly with the fear that her cancer may come back.  Though she figured she would never have children, she begins to love Haley and George as if they were her own.  As Walker and Madison search for the children together, their attraction to each other deepens.  Nevertheless, just as they start to envision becoming a family, his ex-wife shows up…pregnant and claiming the child is his.   Should she stay and fight for him or leave them to be a family again, with his ex-wife who does not deserve them? 


The two children, who are convinced their father does not want them due to what their mother has told them, wonder why their mother did not want them either.  As Walker develops a relationship with his children and gets to know them better, he discovers that Haley is hiding a secret.  The believable dialogue, surprising plot twists and adorable children make this story memorable.  Run out and grab your own copy of MADISON’S CHILDREN.  You may also enjoy the first book in this series, CAITLYN’S PRIZE.  I am looking forward to reading the next book in this trilogy, SKYLAR’S OUTLAW, coming out in January 2010.

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