Magic of Three

Author: Jenna Castille

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Release Date: June 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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The portal is opening and all hell is about to break loose in Las Vegas. It will take the combined power of three individuals to prevent this from happening. The three have loved each other in past lives; they must find each other and renew their love in this lifetime if they are to succeed in sealing the portal.


Julian is the Visionary and is gifted with the ability to see through time. It will be his responsibility to control the ritual. Tim is a gifted Empath with the ability to project positive emotions that can seal the portal. Tim and Julian are lovers, however, their power is not enough. They need the Catalyst to enhance their powers. Lisa is the Catalyst but she does not know this. It will be up to Tim and Julian to woo her and win her heart. This will not be easy as Lisa does not trust or give her heart easily.


Take two sexy men already in love and add a woman they both desire. Combine with some powerful sex magic and throw in a few evil demons trying to open the gates of Hell and you have the recipe for Jenna Castille's sexy new book, MAGIC OF THREE. This hot new paranormal romance reunites three wonderful characters that have known each other through many lifetimes. Their duty is to reawaken the love they once felt in order to generate enough magic to save the world from evil. The only problem is, Lisa does not remember her past lives. Things begin to heat up as Julian and Tim romance and seduce her into falling in love.


The interaction between Julian and Tim is wonderfully demonstrative of the love and desire they share for one another. They are two incredibly sexy men that can have anyone they want. When they both turn their attention to Lisa, she is a little overwhelmed but incredibly turned-on. This is many a woman’s dream, to have two such gorgeous men romancing and paying her attention. I loved the fact that it was not just about sex. They took the time to let her know they cared about her beyond just physical attraction. When the time comes, their emotional attachment just makes the sex hotter. Their friendship allows them to joke and truly enjoy each other.   


I felt the author picked a good place for the portal to Hell to open, Las Vegas, sin capital itself. It just seemed to make sense. If there is anywhere such activity would be accepted as normal it is probably there. MAGIC OF THREE is about stopping evil from entering the world with the greatest and strongest type of magic, love. Things get a little violent when the demons try to prevent the three's interference, but that just adds to the excitement of the story. Love, passion and excitement combine to make MAGIC OF THREE a truly entertaining story.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Anita

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