Magnificent Abandon
By Noelle
Aug 23, 2009 - 2:31:36 PM

In the long list of most humiliating things that could happen to a girl, coming face to face with a man you had a one night stand with was pretty high up there, especially when the guy didn’t even know your real name. When Trisha ran into the man responsible for rocking her world at her sister’s wedding, she was stunned to find that she still had some feelings for him, but after listening to her sister talk, she knew he was not the settling down type. Would Trisha be willing to give Charlie a chance to prove he was the right man, or will she keep him at a distance?

Charlie was looking for more in his life. After his best friend got married, and he found out that the woman who had haunted his dreams was suddenly back in his life, settling down started to look better and better. Would Trisha be willing to take the risk and settle down with a confirmed bachelor, or would he keep on living the single life?

MAGNIFICENT ABANDON was a pretty entertaining read, simply because it addresses a question that is relevant even now. The interaction between Charlie and Trisha was pretty humorous, especially when they were trying to work through their issues, and trying to deal with their feelings. I did get a bit aggravated with Trisha at one point, because Charlie was doing everything he could to convince her, and she was being pretty stubborn. However, overall, their interactions were pretty funny. The secondary characters were very well done, as was the setting. All in all, Ms. Payne did a very good job!

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