Semper Fi, Book 1: Magnus
By Natalie
Dec 11, 2009 - 11:20:26 AM

Colonel Joe Rivers’s entire life revolves around the military.  With the nickname “Magnus”, he is a lean, mean fighting machine.  His men and platoon are constantly training for new jobs around the world striving to keep the masses free from harm.  In the last few months, however, Magnus has noticed that he and his troops have gotten to their jobs just a bit too late, and things haven’t always gone as planned.  Mission plans have gone astray and people have been hurt.  Then, to top it off, Magnus is assigned a new person to his elite group of warriors – a woman.  Not only a woman, but one of the most clumsy, inadequate, and harebrained women he has ever met.  Magnus knows that unless he can get her trained, he won’t be able to trust her instincts on missions.  He has no idea just how good of an actor Emily Patterson is.  He doesn’t suspect a thing. 

Emily Patterson, a special agent with NCIS is dying to show Joe Rivers exactly what she thinks of his training methods and his snarky comments.  It takes all she can do just to pretend not to be able to shoot – and she has to stick to her operation.  Someone has sold out Colonel Rivers’s platoon, and even he is not above suspicion.  With a human trafficking ring picking off innocent people right and left, Emily has to be able to find out who she can and can’t trust.  Her inner woman screams for her not to trust Joe, but her heart keeps telling her that he is innocent.  When it comes down to trust, Emily goes with her intuition – hopefully she won’t be wrong. 


Relative new author shoots, hits the target and claims a bull’s eye with MAGNUS!  Nothing is better than a loyal, sexy, hardened Marine warrior, and Joe Rivers is that and so much more.  His entire life has revolved around his career, and I delighted in watching him sink under Emily’s spell, especially when it came down to the wire and it was either sink or swim.  Emily Patterson is my kind of heroine – she was gritty, tough, snarly at times, but still feminine.  She gave Joe her entire heart and their actions under the sheets were over the top scorching hot! 


MAGNUS by Jambrea Jo Jones delivers an intriguing and enticing plot with blazing love scenes to round out this compelling novel.  I can’t recommend it enough!

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