Make-Believe Bride
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 1, 2005 - 6:01:00 AM

Kelsey McClaire has only been working at Trent Media for a few months as an account executive. She's expecting to be fired because she refused the advances of a major client and thus, lost a two-hundred thousand dollar plus account. With the pile of debts her ex-husband stuck her with, she could have really used the commission check, now she'll be unemployed. What she isn't expecting is the owner of Trent Media, Jonathan Trent's proposal of marriage, as a business proposition.

Jonathan Trent is normally an intelligent man. Having been married once to a money-hungry woman, he is far more choosy about whom he spends time with now. While in the cups, he made a bet with a business competitor and lost one of his radio stations. Unless he marries within the month, Jack Peterson will take over the radio station. In addition, he must stay married for six months. After hiring a private investigator to check on Kelsey McClaire, and finding out about her financial situation, his marriage of convenience idea would benefit them both, if he can get her to agree.

Kelsey McClaire is waiting in Jonathan Trent's office, examining the library of rare books on the shelves. She's lost a major account and just knows she's about to be fired. With her mind racing over how to come up with the money to pay her bills, she's unprepared when Jonathan enters the room. Briefly he explains about the loss of the major account, and then goes into the real reason he has called her into his office for a private meeting - her financial status, his private investigator had discovered the pile of debts Kelsey has worked so hard over the past three years to attempt to pay. If it hadn't been for Kelsey's losing the Baringer account, Jonathan may not have discovered the gem currently in his employment. Timing is everything, she desperately needs money, and he desperately needs a marriage of convenience. His proposal will solve both their problems. Unfortunately for him, Kelsey's not about to allow him to buy her - at any price. Highly offended, Kelsey went home only to discover a couple messages on her answering machine of creditors demanding payment. She calls her friend, Sue, to talk about Jonathan's proposal. By the time they hang up, Kelsey has a plan, if Jonathan's reasons for needing a six-month marriage are kosher than she'll agree to the marriage, but she'll have it added to the contract that there will be no funny business between them. It's to be strictly a business deal. Too bad neither of them truly want to keep it that way.

Have you ever dreamed of being a modern day Cinderella? MAKE-BELIEVE BRIDE is the perfect book to help you immerse yourself in the fantasy. I could easily have been jealous of Kelsey if it wasn't so obvious that her and Jonathan belong together, and if it wasn't so much fun to read about their bumbling attempts at denying their feelings to themselves and each other. Reading about the antics of Jonathan's siblings as well as his nieces and nephews kept me smiling all the way through the book. I have to confess to having a crush on the younger brother, Kane. He's such a flirt and great with kids. I'd love to read more about him. Kelly McDonough's MAKE-BELIEVE BRIDE is a fun tale that will leave you with a warm feeling in your heart long after you've finished reading it. Definitely a keeper!

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