Make Me Lose Control (Cabin Fever #2)

Author: Christie Ridgway

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: December 30, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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MAKE ME LOSE CONTROL had an interesting premise in that the tutor and the dad of the teen being tutored hooked up not knowing who the other was.  It had a storyline that was both hot and sweet and kept my interest throughout!

Ridgway's MAKE ME LOSE CONTROL (CABIN FEVER #2), was a nice continuation of the series.  I really enjoyed book one that engaged my heartstrings so I was looking forward to reading this book which had the same setting, many of the same characters but a storyline that had a little of the ick factor for me because of Shay and Jace's relationship and that they seemed quite a few years apart in age.  I liked that I got to know some of the other Walkers better, especially Shay, who had lots of layers to her - many protective due to her birth, childhood and life in general - but also her siblings Brett and Mac.  Some of Shay's issues were due to her take on her home and family life and things that happened when she was younger no matter what her older siblings told her - not only in words but actions too.  By the end of the book she finally got it which evoked nice feelings.  Her nephew Mason was a cute addition to the story. London, the teen, had hopes and dreams of her own that Shay always seemed to be able to pick up on whereas it took Jace longer since he hadn't been around her since she was five.  Watching how the three of them interacted was realistic and it was interesting to see how their relationships grew as well as how London and Jace let their guard down with Shay’s help.  It was heartwarming to see London finally making and having friends. This was an enjoyable read that had teenage angst along with lots of family and friends, even more romance and loving that burned up the sheets, schooling, family issues, laughter, tears, happiness, secrets, hard workers and a happily ever after on several fronts.  There was nice closure especially with the epilogue.

Ridgway is a fairly new to me author since I have only read one other book of hers - the first one in the CABIN FEVER SERIES. There are two other Walker siblings that need their stories told so I'm looking forward to the next book in the series!  I will definitely be adding her other books to my always growing TBR pile!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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