Make It Last Forever
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 15, 2010 - 10:27:32 AM

Karen Williams makes it a point to support various political causes – especially those involved in changing the lives of the youth in the ‘hood’.  That’s why she started the Shemar Sunyetta Youth Center, in memory of the rapper who was ruthlessly gunned down  and had also been her best friend their entire life.  Between seeking grants, keeping drugs out of the center and her other activities, Karen doesn’t have time for romance and certainly isn’t buying into all the fate ‘woo woo stuff’ being spouted about by her business neighbor Dicey “Devine” Stamps, a palm reader.

Rapper Darius “D-Roc” Rollins is reeling from the death of his younger cousin.  With his musical success came financial freedom and he’d taken pleasure in supporting his grandmother, aunt and cousin outside of the ‘hood.’  Unfortunately money didn’t prevent Frankie from returning to the friends and life he knew and ultimately resulting in his death.  Darius has a lot of regrets and he’s decided that even though it’s too late to save Frankie, he might be able to make a difference in some young person’s life if he volunteers at a youth center.


The Shemar Sunyetta Youth Center can always use more money and volunteers but Karen isn’t about to turn it into a media circus or some publicity stunt for a rapper she doesn’t even particularly like.  Cullen Stamp, Darius’s representative, called the center to inquire about Cullen possibly volunteering. He was rude and she informed him in no uncertain terms that Darius’ services were neither needed nor desired. She suggested Darius select another youth center as his pet project.



Darius has put a lot of thought and research into where he would volunteer and he’s determined to change Karen’s mind by going down there to speak to her himself.  What starts out as a simple way to give back to the community and exorcize a few demons turns into something far more complicated and exciting because there’s something about Karen that sparks a feeling of recognition and déjà vu.  Karen’s used to working with attitude and puppy dog looks from the youth she’s struggling to save so Darius better bring his A game when it comes to impressing this lady.  What he doesn’t realize is she’s strongly affected by his presence in her life and suddenly besieged with dreams of them in another time, another place – and a love that was always troubled.  Can they get it right this time around, or will unforeseen circumstances result in history repeating itself?


Gwyneth Bolton breathes a whole new meaning into the term ‘urban romance' with her newest release MAKE IT LAST FOREVER.  Karen and Darius’s lives have been affected by the senseless deaths of loved ones and they’re trying to do something to better the situation for others.   This story is very much character driven - from the troubled youth to Darius’s family, his paid representative and overzealous fans – they all touch you in one way or another.  While Ms. Bolton’s storylines have always impressed me with their zest for the African-American culture this story has that little something extra that pulls you into the storyline.  I was stunned by some of the betrayals that were revealed and couldn’t help but feel bad for everyone involved … well, with the exception of a few characters who deserve exactly what they had coming to them. 


With characters who practically pop off the pages, attitude that infuses the reader with a need to roll your head and eyes, and a romance that’ll have you sighing in longing this is one story that’s sure to earn its place on your keeper shelf. 


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