Make Me Over

Author: Leslie Kelly

Publisher: Harlequin Temptation

Release Date: December 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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The last place Tori Lyons wants to be is involved in a reality TV show, but she made a deathbed promise and even though her papa didn't die, he is holding her it. Tori promised her papa she would make something out of herself and not stay hidden away in the pits of a race track working on cars forever. So here she is, little ol' Tori from Sheets Creek, Tennessee at a fabulous mansion in New England to be refined into a proper lady. What Tori really wants is to learn; she doesn't care about being named bell of the ball, that is until she sets her eyes on Dr. Andrew Bennett.

The first thing that comes to Drew Bennett's mind when he walks into the mansion they are using to tape the reality show is that he stepped into a hooker convention. His book is really going to be put to the test with the ladies that were selected for the show. These raucous women are going to need a whole lot more than some tutoring to become real ladies. And then he saw her. Even though she wore bulky clothes, Drew could tell the woman with wavy brown hair was a knockout.

Sparks fly in the library when Drew and Tori first meet. They are attracted to each other like flies to a flame, but Tori is a contestant and Drew can't act on his attraction without getting her kicked from the show. And that wouldn't be fair to her because Tori not only has an amazing body, but a mind that is just yearning to be fed knowledge. She is filled with such potential and he won't spoil her chances to win. Too bad the attraction is too much for them to ignore.

With his extra help and stolen kisses, Tori might just turn into the bell of the ball. That is until the producers drop a bomb and tell the contestants that the main prize is Drew. Now all the women are striving to get the sexy doctor to say he loves them. Everyone except Tori, because she has already fallen head-over-heels for Drew and loving him is not a game, but true life reality and the prize too great to lose.

Leslie Kelly has done it again. This funny, sexy story goes over the top and makes this the perfect holiday read. Seeing Drew and Tori struggle to be together, but not compromise the show, plus the antics of the other women had me entranced. MAKE ME OVER is a laugh-out-loud story will have you rolling one minute, than fanning yourself from the heat the next. Plus getting to catch up with Jacey from KILLING TIME was a special treat, too. Once again Ms. Kelly has wowed this reviewer, and with her amazing talent, has earned her place on my must read list.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Bea Sigman

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