Masters Of The Shadowlands; Book 5: Make Me, Sir
By Cheryl McInnis
Mar 15, 2011 - 1:52:07 PM

When FBI victim specialist Gabrielle Renard’s best friend goes missing, Kim is suspected to be the victim of a kidnapping ring that targets woman at BDSM clubs. Gabi is determined to do whatever she has to in order to help find Kim and bring her home, even if it means playing a role that she finds more than a little uncomfortable. When she goes undercover at the exclusive Shadowlands, Gabi knows that she is to act as a mouthy and uncooperative sub in order to attract the attention of the kidnappers. However, when she is placed under the care of Master Marcus, Gabi finds herself wanting only to please him in every way.

Dom Marcus Atherton usually enjoys his position as Master of the trainees at Shadowlands, but when the club owner asks him to take on the training of a particularly difficult sub as a favor, Marcus is less than enthusiastic. After a failed marriage with an attention seeking sub, Marcus wants nothing to do with submissives who like to push his buttons. Something about Gabi though makes Marcus believe that under the brash and saucy behavior lays a woman who longs to submit to her Master, and he is determined to bring that submissiveness out.

As Gabi’s training progresses, she finds it harder and harder to keep up pretenses with Master Marcus, and he finds it harder to keep his feelings strictly impersonal. Gabi knows that she can’t give in to the longing she feels to be her Master’s perfect sub. She has a role to play and it must be played to the end, even if it means losing Master Marcus forever.


MAKE ME, SIR is the fifth story in author Cherise Sinclair’s MASTERS OF THE SHADOWLANDS series and I believe that it is my favorite yet. Although I am not usually a fan of the BDSM genre, Ms. Sinclair has a way of drawing the reader so far into the story that everything but the relationship between the characters almost fades away. As with the other books in this series, MAKE ME, SIR is a very emotional read. Gabi has not had an easy life, but she is the kind of heroine I love to read about; stubborn and strong, but honest about her feelings to herself and others. Her journey through the world of D/s is one filled with trust, embarrassment, lust and ultimately joy, as she comes to realize what a gift it can be to place yourself completely into the hands of someone you love and trust. I highly recommend MAKE ME, SIR to any romance lover who is looking for something a little far from the norm. I can assure you that Ms. Sinclair’s unique voice and talent for penning a truly beautiful love story will win you over. 



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