Make Mine a Bad Boy

Author: Katie Lane

Publisher: Forever

Release Date: June 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Hope Scroggs wants to be happy for her former boyfriend and her recently discovered twin sister. She wants to be happy for their marriage but mostly, she is just jealous. Slate was supposed to be her husband, her life. Instead, he has moved on. Hope did not succeed in Hollywood. She did not marry the captain of the high school football team and she is still wondering what the future holds for her. The only thing she is certain about is that Colt Lomax is not part of her future.

Colt Lomax, the long time bad boy of Bramble, Texas, is back. It was only meant to be a one day stop before he took his motorcycle and kept on trucking. Colt is not one to settle down and though he has always carried somewhat of a torch for Hope, he is not going to let her collar him. But feelings can come alive in the most unexpected of ways and before long, Colt and Hope are doing more than just arguing. They are trying to decide how to build a future together. But it is not easy for the bad boy and the sweetheart of Bramble.

MAKE MINE A BAD BOY is the first Katie Lane book I have read and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Hope is filled with grit and there is a reason she is the sweetheart of Bramble. If there is one thing Hope loves, it is her hometown. She wants to see her town grow and prosper and is not afraid of a little hard work to make it happen. When it comes to her personal life, she has a bit more work in front of her, but I was not at all surprised to see her finally rise to the occasion and tell Colt how she felt. For his part, Colt has always been seen as the bad guy in Bramble. It is hard to break that image, even now as a successful and wealthy adult. Colt has never had to really explore deeper feelings for a woman but Hope keeps him on his toes and before he realizes it, their relationship is definitely more than a fling. But with a big complication in the way, will they be able to make it last? I had my doubts but fortunately I was proved wrong.

MAKE MINE A BAD BOY was a fun story. The characters of Bramble are definitely what you would expect from Texans but they liven up the story and add humor at just the right moments. Hope and Colt forge their way to a better future in the mean time, and it was definitely invigorating to see these two hard headed folks put their battles aside and settle into love.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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