Make Mine a Double
By Suzie Housley
Jan 1, 2012 - 2:53:28 PM

Kaylie Ward wonders how she manages to attract men who drag her down.  It seems like every time she thinks she has met Mr. Right he quickly turns into Mr. Wrong.  Frustrated at another failed attempt at loveshe swears off men.

Max Lockhard and Brayden Sinclair are the best of friends who insist on sharing everything; even the women they date.  They specialize in ménage and together they both leave a lasting impression on the woman they choose to seduce.


Kaylie decides to drown her man trouble in a bottle of tequila.  Somehow she lands in the bed of Max and Brayden.  With two willing males could this be a dream or real life?  The two lusty males do not give her time to sort out the details, for they are intent on giving her the ride of her life.


From page one of MAKE MINE A DOUBLE there is no doubt that you have hit upon a scorcher of a romance!  Max and Brayden are two characters who know how to find and satisfy their needs.  Kaylie is a match for these two strong alpha males. Together the three make one hot reading experience.  MAKE MINE A DOUBLE is a sequel to MY GREATEST FANTASY.  Both books combined would make for one electrifying reading experience.

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