Hightower Honors: Make it Hot

Author: Gwyneth Bolton

Publisher: Kimani Press

Release Date: September 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Joel Hightower takes great pride in his job as a firefighter. Like the rest of the Hightower clan serving and protecting is in his genes. When an on-the-job injury threatens to take away the one thing he’s based his entire life around he pins all his hopes on sassy physical therapist Samantha Dash.

Samantha was in the emergency room when Joel was brought in with life threatening injuries. Even then she felt an attraction for the man and hoped he’d pull through but then went back to her own life and job. She never dreamed that six months later she’d be aiding ‘Mr. Surly’ in the final stages of his recovery.

Samantha’s not afraid to give as good as she gets with Joel. He’s lead a charmed life and has a wonderful family. As far as she’s concerned he’s got no reason to be throwing a one man pity party. Samantha’s father had been a police officer who was killed when he inadvertently walked in on a robbery in progress and her mother found solace in a bottle. Samantha is well aware that life is what you make of it and Joel has so much to be thankful for that Samantha isn’t about to tolerate his crabby attitude.

During each physical therapy session Samantha and Joel argue over everything from sports teams to the best hot dogs in the area. Their ‘arguments’ take on a playful nature. The sexual attraction between them is undeniable but Samantha is a professional and has no intention of becoming intimately involved with a patient especially one who has such a dangerous occupation. Denying their feelings soon becomes futile and as they cave into their desires a new obstacle emerges - Joel’s Aunt Sophie. Will Samantha and Joel’s newfound romance survive the hardships that are thrust upon them? Will Samantha be strong enough to handle it if Joel returns to firefighting? Joel’s used to fighting fires but Samantha’s fiery nature is one he wouldn’t mind taming for a long time to come - he just needs to convince her.

Gwyneth Bolton certainly doesn’t skimp on the heat level in her newest release MAKE IT HOT. Samantha and Joel have spirited natures and seem to take great delight in antagonizing each other. They’re a fun couple to read about and kept me smiling through each ‘confrontation.’ Samantha’s relationship with her mother really struck a chord with me. So many people choose alcohol to dull their pain of loss never realizing the devastation it causes their loved ones.

There’s plenty of action, fun, and emotional context to ensure readers’ become immersed in this storyline and remain enchanted through to the end. The Hightower brothers are honorable, loyal men who make a girl dream of finding her own hero.

Be sure to pick a copy of the first installment in this series PROTECT AND SERVE, and keep an eye out for the next book THE LAW OF DESIRE which is to be released in December 2008.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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