Makeshift Family
By Bea Sigman
Jun 13, 2003 - 5:39:00 PM

After getting lost in the rain and wrecking her car, Lani Cabot finds refuge in a cabin for her and her adopted twin daughters.  But to her surprise, the owner of the cabin, Nick Hunter, arrives during the night.  To Nick’s surprise, he gets clobbered in the head when he startles the beautiful woman who is in his house.  All her really wanted to do was come escape the real world and run from the ghosts that are haunting him for a while. 

To everyone’s surprise, Lani, the girls, and Nick are going to be stuck together longer then they thought as a huge storm pounds the Adirondack Mountains around them.  Not that Lani minds, because right now she has a complete family, with Nick starring as Daddy.  Nick doesn’t really mind being stuck much either, not when he has the company of a very beautiful woman and two adorable little girls.  For Nick, it gives him something to do other than run from ghosts.  It also makes him feel alive and wanted again.

Will Lani’s makeshift family be broken up when the storm is over?  Will Nick confront the ghosts of his past and allow himself to love again? 

This was such a sweet story.  My heart instantly went out to Lani.  She struggled and was able to gain what she wanted the most, the girls, and loved them unconditionally even though they were not really hers.  I also felt for Nick too.  Sometimes ghosts from the past can be painful and hard to let go.  I really enjoyed this story.  It was very well written and kept me interested. 

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