Making Changes

Author: Delinda Jasper

Publisher: Forbidden Publications

Release Date: May 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Mindy loves her husband but she's tired of being taken for granted. She's started to feel more like a servant in their home than Nick's wife. Even his vintage Corvette gets more attention than she does. She's already expressed her dissatisfaction with the way she'
s being treated, but it's up to him to make the changes.

Nick has fallen into a pattern of sorts. Gradually over the five years of his marriage to Mindy, he's allowed hobbies, work, television, and friends to take over any time he may have spent with his wife. He never realized the full extent of her unhappiness until Mindy told him, and even then, he isn't really sure what exactly he needs to do to fix the problem.


It's been a week since Mindy first told Nick that she's tired of being taken for granted. He'd promised to try harder but he's still acting the same. Mindy is fed up. After returning home from an afternoon of grocery shopping, Nick tells her he has a surprise for her and proceeds to take her out to a lovely romantic picnic he?d set up for her. Nick is under the impression that this one little gesture is going to make up for all his neglect. He obviously needs to have things spelled out for him. Mindy's so hurt and angry, she has no trouble telling him exactly what she's unhappy about point by point but also issues an ultimatum. Either things are going to change or she will leave. Nick really does love her, but will he be able to make the changes needed in order to ensure his wife's happiness before it's too late?


Delinda Jasper captures the plight of housewives perfectly. I absolutely love how Mindy doesn't just settle for the little scraps of affection Nick may throw her way. Nick reminds me of a perfectly content married man. His life is running smoothly, he has his meals cooked, house cleaned, and sex when he wants it. He needs to appreciate the woman who takes care of all those little details before he loses her completely. MAKING CHANGES is a delightful story, especially for housewives who have settled for being the unpaid maid service in their own homes.


Watch for Ms. Jasper's next book, A REASON TO STAY coming out sometime in early 2006.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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