Making Chase
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 1, 2007 - 3:04:26 PM

Tate Murphy may have come from the wrong side of the tracks but she's worked long and hard pulling herself and her siblings from the abusive and neglectful trailer where they'd spent their childhood. Together with her sisters, Anne and Beth, she owns and operates a successful salon directly across the street from the fire station. Each morning she eagerly awaits the sight of her 'visual donut' - Matt Chase.

Matt Chase has a well-known reputation for dating drop-dead beautiful women but he's very much aware that none of them have the qualities he's looking for in a long term relationship. He's watched each of his brothers fall in love and marry and he would love to find a woman who completes him too. It isn't until he meets Tate Murphy that he realizes that his perfect woman doesn't wear a size two and come with a impressive pedigree. Now all he has to do is convince her of that fact.

Even though Matt and Tate have lived in the same town their whole lives they don't really know each other. Matt comes from a wealthy close-knit family, and Tate comes from the trailer park and has abusive and neglectful parents. It takes her getting run down by a car and Matt's professional persona to bring them together for the first time. Of course, it's just her luck that her dream of being rubbed all over by Matt happens while she's bleeding, lying in the street like a drunken hobo with a torn shirt and wearing back of the drawer panties - not that he saw the panties but it's bad enough that she knows she's wearing them.

As a thank-you for helping her, Tate sends Matt a batch of homemade cookies. Cooking is something that Tate does especially well and thoroughly enjoys - her home is often invaded by any number of her siblings hoping for a meal and she's always happy to oblige. Matt is thrilled when he receives the cookies and realizes that they’re even better than Maggie or his mama's cookies and they're both excellent cooks. It isn't until he goes to her salon to thank her for the cookies that he gets a really good look at Tate and realizes that she's a woman worth getting to know - very well. Matt's drawn to Tate's warm loving family oriented personality and her cooking skills are a huge added bonus but the more he falls for the charming little woman, the more he realizes that she has serious issues resulting from her past that he may not be able to overcome and that scares him. He may just have to call in the rest of the Chase gang for a little help at capturing the woman who's stolen his heart.

MAKING CHASE is the last book in Lauren Dane’s CHASE BROTHERS series. I'm really going to miss visiting the town of Petal and hearing all about the brothers and their lives. I've loved every book in this series and they've all pulled at my emotions in one way or another. Ms. Dane saved the one brother we were all dying to know about for the last story. Let’s face it, Matt would have been extremely easy to dislike because of his treatment of Liv but he's completely redeemed himself in my eyes now. Readers are going to adore Tate. She’s one strong woman who's suffered a lot of abuse and has some very real self-esteem issues. Matt and Tate make a wonderful couple - they're both caring individuals who put family first. I highly recommend not just this book, but the entire series. The entire Chase family is so welcoming that readers will feel like they belong - and who doesn't want to belong to such a warm, loving family?

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