Making Faces
By Suzie Housley
Dec 2, 2013 - 3:23:38 AM

Since she was thirteen, Fern Taylor had been secretly in love with Ambrose Young.  Ambrose was the image of perfection; he possessed the beauty that only Fern could find in her romance novels.  Fern knew that Ambrose was out of her league, for she was the complete opposite of what he searched for in a girlfriend. 

Ambrose won a wrestling scholarship to Penn State, but he felt that he needed to serve his country by enlisting in the Army.  He talked four of his closest friends into following his footsteps.  The horrors that they experienced in Iraq changed each of them.  Within months of being able to return home to their families, an IED ripped through the Humvees they were traveling in; Ambrose’s friends were killed and he suffered disfiguring scars to his face. 

Returning back to his hometown, Ambrose felt as if he had let the town down.  He blamed himself for his friend’s deaths, and questioned why he had survived the fiery attack.  He refused to allow anyone to see the devastation the war had inflicted on his face.

When Fern learns that Ambrose is back in townher heart goes out to all that he has lost.  She is determined to find a way to break through the walls he has built around him.  Will she be able to convince the wounded warrior that she can see past his scars, and still see him as the handsome man of her childhood years?

MAKING FACES is one outstanding novel!  I was so captivated by this Beauty and Beast tale where the roles are reversed in the characters.  It was ingenious how Ms. Harmon provided the reader enough background scenes that allowed us to feel how much Ambrose had actually lost.  Fern is a romance heroine that is worthy of the highest praise.  Mere words cannot express the perfection I found in this book!


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