Making Mischief
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2006 - 12:50:00 PM

When she was a teenager, Abby Morland witnessed Guy Fielding, the guy her cousin Rachel was crushing on, flirting and experimenting with Rachel's best friend Cara. Abby knew the knowledge of Guy and Cara would hurt her cousin Rachel, so she kept it to herself, and her other cousin Fleur. Little does Abby know that this secret is going to come back to haunt her big time.

When Rachel reintroduces Fleur to Guy years later, the attraction is strong and they start dating. However, Fleur has a hard time believing that the handsome and charming Guy will stay faithful to her and only her. She's had some bad luck with her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her. Now Fleur wants Abby to keep an eye on Guy as they attend the same party, one in which Fleur is unable to attend. Abby is reluctant to play spy. Not only is it rude, but she can't help thinking that Guy has given Fleur no reason to distrust him. He's been very solicitous and caring when he's with Fleur, so Abby can't see what the problem is. Added to that is Abby's growing attraction to Guy. He's funny, intelligent and a genuinely decent man.


Unfortunately, Abby's spy gig doesn't end with the party. With Rachel's engagement party upon them, Abby is called in again to keep Guy under surveillance. She's not at all happy about the position she's been put in, but at the same time, a small, lonely part relishes spending time with Guy. Not only is he turning into a friend, but he seems more than happy to help Abby baby-sit her young brother Robbie. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and when Guy finds out the truth, he is justifiably upset, not only with Fleur, now his ex, but with Abby. It seems like Abby has not only lost a new friend, but all chance for a more intimate relationship. Opportunity isn't done knocking for Abby and Guy though, and they get another chance to get it right. MAKING MISCHIEF isn't the only thing Abby wants to make with Guy if she gets a second chance at his heart.


Abby Morland seems to be her own worst enemy and readers will identify with her need to make her friends happy, while putting her own needs on hold. She's a soft touch and it shows in her caring personality, the way she constantly minds her younger brother or plays peacemaker in her family. She's also a witty woman who wants to find happiness with the right man. Elizabeth Young does a great job with Abby and Guy's growing relationship, subtly building the attraction as the story continues. Ms. Young also creates some snappy dialogue that will have you laughing out loud. Abby's younger brother Robbie proves to be a great character for comic relief and his antics will have you smiling. MAKING MISCHIEF is the humorous story of what can happen when you keep secrets from adolescence, and how those secrets may just come back to bite you in the butt.

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