Mama's Tales
By Terri
Nov 5, 2006 - 11:08:00 AM



George Porgie likes to kiss the girls and make them cry but when he is an adult he has more on his mind then kissing. George desires Becca with full blown passion but Becca is not giving up her freedom that easy. Her brothers don’t like George and will do anything to keep him away from Becca. Becca is naughty and she uses her brother’s dislike of George to her advantage. This is definitely an adult vision of the nursery rhyme of Georgie Porgie. There is touching, kissing and lust in this remake of an old tale.



This story is a combination of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and the old nursery rhyme of two sweethearts kissing in a tree. Well this is a total rework of both tales and you find Goldie up in a tree house with Sammy after he saves her booty from the bears for stealing their honey. Well innocence is most definitely lost when things get hot up in that tree house and it’s a wonder it doesn’t catch fire.  There is more than kissing going on for sure.




Lady Theresa knows what she wants and she wants Davey, her servant. She has loved Davey for a long time. So she sets out to seduce him while he is taking her to her aunt’s house. When Theresa wants something she gets it and she will get it any way she can, naughty or nice. Davey doesn’t have a chance until he figures out what Theresa is up to then he turns the tables on her. Now she becomes the seduced.


MAMA’S TALES are adult versions of the well know nursery rhymes. They are erotic, quirky and certainly not something most Mamas would have told their children. These are classic tales of childish naughtiness given a certain adult naughtiness.  MAMA’S TALES is a bemusing, sexy and complete fantasy. It is not a book to be taken seriously. And I think that’s what will appeal to most readers. I, for one will never be able to take Goldilocks, Georgie Porgie or the girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead as mere childish fantasy again.  Ms. Lyons, thank you for such an enjoyable book and I hope you write more in the future.


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