Man Camp
By Dina Smith
Jul 10, 2006 - 8:30:00 AM

Best friends Lucy Stone and Martha McKenna want to know what every other single woman does, what ever happened to real men? The kind of men that bring you flowers, pull out your chair, and can protect you if the need arises. It seems like all the men in New York have gotten so in touch with their feminine side they all forgot about their masculine side.

When Lucy plans a romantic Valentine get away for her and her boyfriend Adam at a cabin in the woods, it turns out to be anything but romantic. Adam shows his inability to do even the basic of things like change a flat tire, or chop fire wood and he is terrified of the woods. Then there is Martha’s brother Jesse who can’t even get up the nerve to kiss the girl he has been dating. When Martha decides that she is going to teach men how to behave on a First Date, she realizes just how inept men are at dating and courtship. After talking to Lucy they both realize that one date is not enough time to teach these men how to behave, thus MAN CAMP is born.

MAN CAMP is all set to take place at Lucy’s friend, Cooper Tuckington’s farm, all they need now are the campers. Martha makes quick work of convincing some of her “first date” clients that MAN CAMP was in their best interest, except Adam who thinks he is going as a counselor. Before long the campers are learning all the things that Martha and Lucy had hoped for and even a few things they hadn’t even thought of. But the campers aren’t the only one’s that learn a few things about love, life and acceptance.

From start to finish MAN CAMP had me laughing out loud. The characters were well matched, the plot was unique and well written and the story had a great flow that held my complete attention. I think it is the friendship between Lucy and Martha that make this story great for me, they had a great bond. MAN CAMP is a fun, enjoyable read that will leave every woman asking if MAN CAMP really does exist.

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