Man Candy

Author: Amanda Young

Publisher: Loose Id, LLC

Release Date: June 19, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Aaron Samuels has worked for Logan Remora for four years, and for four years he has kept a secret. He is in love with his boss. The real problem lies in the fact that Aaron can no longer work with Logan without disclosing his feelings. The only possible outcome of telling Logan how he feels is heartbreak. Logan is not gay and he is married. Aaron has been offered a new job, having just graduated college, and sees this as an answer to his problems. It is better to quit and not risk his secret getting out.


Logan has an identical twin brother, Jake, that is gay and would not mind having a relationship with Aaron, but Aaron only wants Logan. One late night, Aaron is out on the town when he sees the Remora brothers. He believes Jake is propositioning him and he takes him up on what he offers only to discover that he made a mistake that will change things forever.


MAN CANDY is the latest hot new contemporary romance by Amanda Young. Wonderfully compelling characters come together to tell their emotionally charged story about love and fear. Aaron fears that his love will not be returned and that he will lose someone whom he values and respects as a friend. There seems that there is no way this story can have a happy ending but then fate steps in and helps him out.


Great personal interactions will make it easy to become attached to these characters. The situation for poor Aaron is painful knowing that Logan is not available for romance. When Aaron finally does open himself to someone, things quickly heat up with some great male on male action. These two wonderfully sexy men, with caring personalities, come together to share their hearts and their bodies. I was smiling knowing that things might just work out in the end. MAN CANDY is a delightfully erotic romance that was a pure joy to read.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Anita

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