Man of the House

Author: Felicia Mason, Adrianne Byrd, Doris Johnson

Publisher: BET Publications

Release Date: available now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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MAN OF THE HOUSE is a collection of three great stories about special men, fathers.  Take a trip into this book to see how unconditional love makes these dads even better.

Felica Mason gives us a heartfelt story, THE DREAMERS.  After four long years Quentin Knight is still mourning the loss of his wife and his dreams.  He also ignores the biggest reminder of his late wife, his daughter, Cherise.  But after meeting an intriguing woman named Sun, the feeling of desire returns to him.  Sun, a bus driver for On-The-Go Tours, is just that, a bright and cheerful attitude like the sun.  Can Sun help Quentin learn to love openly and lose the grief?  Well she’s going to try her hardest and in return give Cherise the one thing she wants most, her father’s love.


Our heartstrings get tugged in Adrianne Byrd’s ONE IN A MILLION.  For Whitney Jackson the summer fling she had ten years ago gave her the best remembrance, her son, Demetrius.  Now she desperately needs the help of the man who gave her that gift.  Gregory Woods is a successful, driven businessman, who is also a very lonely man thanks to the drive to succeed.  But not anymore because Whitney is back in his life and to his surprise, she needs Gregory’s help for his nine-year-old son.  Will Demetrius’s illness bring Gregory and Whitney together for keeps?


FATHER AT HEART by Doris Johnson is a story filled with emotions.  Michael Kingsford is a man who has always wanted a family.  After 17 years, he is reunited with the son his high school girlfriend gave up for adoption.  But that is not all he gets.  Will Michael’s relationship with his girlfriend Jeanne be able to handle the dark secrets revealed when his son comes to stay with him?


This is a wonderful collection of stories.  Each one knows how to touch your heart and soul in just the right way.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Bea Sigman

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