Man of the Month Club

Author: Jackie Clune

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: August 7, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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Amy Stokes is a highly successful business woman who designs and markets luxury baby products in her three “Precious Little Darlings” shops.   The strangest aspect of her career choice is the fact that Amy neither has nor wants to have a baby of her own.   She likes her life just the way it is.   She has an upscale apartment, a flashy car, and the freedom to do whatever she wants, whenever she wants to do it.   However, when her life takes an unexpected turn or two, Amy is left wondering if a baby might be what she needs after all.

Amy discovers some unpleasant truths about herself on her thirty-ninth birthday and the days shortly thereafter.   First, it is obvious that her friends have no idea who the real Amy is as evidenced by the type of birthday gifts she receives. Second, her only companion at home is a dog given to her by an ex-boyfriend, until she accidentally runs over him.   Third, Amy begins to feel that something meaningful is missing in her life.   One night someone abandons a baby on the doorstep of her shop.   Then, her friends all announce their pregnancies.   Amy unexpectedly realizes that what she is missing is a baby of her own.   Her whole outlook on life shifts as her objective is to get pregnant before she turns forty, without the complication of a husband.


Amy sets out in a methodical search for the perfect father for her fantasy child.   The results of Amy’s quest are very comical and quite unexpected.   Her choices include an intelligent man from MENSA, an athletic bicycle messenger, a sexy male nanny, and a devastatingly handsome, but apparently married, doctor.   When she unexpectedly falls in love with one of her potential “father” candidates, will Amy decide to take a chance on him and love? Will she give up the man she has fallen in love with in her pursuit of a baby?   When her twelve months are up, will Amy be happy with the choices she’s made?


MAN OF THE MONTH CLUB is a British romance incorporating a lot of highly amusing British slang in the dialogue. This definitely adds to the charm of the story.   Jackie Clune is a well-known comedienne and her humor was apparent throughout the book.   I must admit that at the beginning of this book, Amy was a self-involved, annoying character.   However as the story progressed, she transformed into an admirable woman. I truly wanted Amy to have a happy ending.   Readers will likely recognize the various types of men Amy encounters in her pregnancy quest.   Clune has captured the desperation some women feel as they begin to fear the ticking of their biological clock, and has instilled her unique brand of humor into each situation and character.  


The plot of this atypical romance will definitely hold your interest and keep you laughing as you witness Amy’s struggles to become a mother.   The unexpected twists will leave you guessing about the outcome and Clune’s unforeseen conclusion is absolutely perfect.   If you enjoy out-of-the-ordinary stories, then this is just the book for you.  Pick up a copy of MAN OF THE MONTH CLUB and tag along with Amy on her mommy quest.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robin Snodgrass

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