Manacled in Monaco
By Natasha Smith
Jul 17, 2008 - 3:15:44 PM

Wide receiver Rolan Paxton is at the top of his game.  He has more money than he will ever need and more women than he wants.  Despite all of this, Rolan’s life feels empty, and after ten years he is still unable to get Sarita Khan out of his mind.  Having taken Sarita’s virginity on prom night so long ago, Rolan has never forgotten the way she made him feel.  Waking up after a night of debauchery on his yacht, Rolan is startled and ecstatic to see Sarita in the doorway of his cabin.  Then, to his amazement and consternation, he runs into a ten year old boy with his eyes and a body to match his at the same age.  Evidently Sarita has some explaining to do starting with why Rolan never knew he was a father.

Rolan quickly takes control, and while Sarita is leery of him, she will not keep his son from him any longer.  Rolan’s solution to becoming a father is marriage, but trust is hard for Sarita to give Rolan because of past hurts.  Will Rolan convince Sarita that he loves her or will his reputation as a prolific womanizer prove true?


MANACLED IN MONACO is the story of lost love being found.  Neither Rolan nor Sarita ever thought they would lay eyes on the other again and as such, I could genuinely see and feel the surprise each felt.  Rolan is the ‘take charge’ type and pretty much decided then and there that Sarita was his.  I have a feeling Sarita didn’t mind at all because while Rolan made plans, Sarita reaped the erotic benefits and loved every single one.


MANACLED IN MONACO is erotic and steamy and I enjoyed every breathless minute of reading!




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