Management Training
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 15, 2008 - 12:50:00 PM

Beverly Johnson is the President and CEO of B. Johnson Shipping. She portrays the image of control and perfection in practically everything. Every aspect of her life is planned out, from her meals right down to her shower schedule. Her life revolved around her work until she begins a steamy affair with the stock boy, Mark.

Mark works as a stock boy at B. Johnson Shipping. Mark tolerates Ms. Johnson's insults and degrading behavior during the day. After hours, though, Mark is every inch the dom and Ms. Johnson is reduced to Beverly as she's punished erotically for each and every one of her insults she'd dealt out during the day.

Mark and Beverly have a mutually agreeable relationship that both enjoy. However, Beverly's in love with Mark and lets it slip out in the heat of passion. Mark has a secret he's been hiding that he's afraid Beverly will never understand or be able to accept. He begins to back away from Beverly leaving her confused and saddened. When Beverly makes a depressed call to her friend Maureen, Mark realizes he must be honest with Beverly.

I loved the twists and turns in this story. I was able to feel Beverly's emotions when Mark began to pull away from her after she confessed to loving him. Mark's fear of being rejected once Beverly found out his secret was touching. Hiding part of his sexuality had become second nature to Mark, deciding to let Beverly know about this side of him could have destroyed not only their relationship but his happiness in being able to act out on one small aspect of himself that makes him who he is. A P Miller writes an extremely sexy tale with a twist that makes you think more about your acceptance of other people and who they are. MANAGEMENT TRAINING is very fast paced, has high sexual content and a wonderful plot that had me glued to each page.

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