Mango Heat - publisher issues
By Terri
Sep 4, 2006 - 1:40:00 AM

Rose Cartwright is a local artist at her uncle’s resort. She paints and plans to live on the island as soon as she makes enough money to buy a piece of property that her uncle has said she could buy. Rose only wants to paint and have fun with her friend who is visiting. Then she meets Gary. She doesn’t want a relationship with anyone, at least a long term one. Maybe a weekend fling with Gary would be all right. Rose is attracted to Gary and he makes her feel very sexy. She knows that he is on the island for business but doesn’t know what it is, yet.  She finds out he is there to buy the island and turn it into a tourist resort. Rose feels that Gary is using her and wants to find out for sure so she takes him on an island getaway. Can she find out the truth or will she be left hurting in the end? Was she falling in love with Gary?

Gary is a business man and is only on Mango Island to try to buy it. He thinks he has the sale in the bag until Samuel turns the tables on him. Samuel wants a clause in the contract that Gary doesn’t want to include. Samuel asks Gary to stay a week and get to know the island and his niece. Gary finds out that his niece is none other than Rose Cartwright, local artist and a very beautiful lady. He is attracted to her from first sight and thinks that a fling would be nice. No commitments, or long-term relationships, just perfect, until Rose takes him to an isolated island for two days. He finds that island living isn’t so bad.

Could he be falling for Rose? Is she the one that can change his mind about long term marriage?

Sarah Dickson has written a very moving book with MANGO HEAT. Rose and Gary are attracted to each other from the very start but they each only want a fling, not a lasting relationship. Rose wants to stay on her paradise island to paint and to save it from developers, only to find that Gary is one of the developers that wants to change the island. This reviewer was very moved by the feelings that were in this book. The sex scenes were very hot and had me turning pages just to find out what would happen next. Ms. Dickson, I love your books and hope to read more of them in the future.

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