Author: Sedonia Guillone

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: July 28, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Ghostwriter Kayla Morgan has been handed the opportunity of a lifetime. She's asked to ghostwrite part of a book for a romantic author who's trying to break into the erotica market. The only problem is that the author insists the writing be based on actual experiences. Kayla has no experience with anything as daring as a menage a trios.

Shawn McKay is Kayla's next door neighbor. He's gone through a break up with his girlfriend that has him lacking self confidence, especially where women are concerned. Once he works up the nerve to ask Kayla out, he learns more about the book she's ghostwriting and comes up with a proposition of his own.

Ryan is Shawn's brother. For over a year he's been a photojournalist in far off places. His current assignment has him in Baghdad which worries Shawn. He wants his brother to stay in the United States. Ryan realizes there just might be a reason to stay once Shawn introduces him to Kayla and requests his help introducing her into a threesome.

Valerie Martin's car accident has left her in a body cast for several weeks and unable to finish writing the book she'd been working on. With a deadline in exactly one month and Burlington's Desires line wanting Ms. Martin for the premiere, a ghostwriter needs to be hired to finish the actual writing. The manuscript is only a little over half done, Kayla is thrilled to have the chance to finish ghostwriting Ms. Martin's book until she learns that she must base her writing on experience, one of the scenes she must write is a menage a trios. Her literary agent even handed her a business card for male escorts. That solves the problem of where to find two men to experience a menage. As exciting as the idea of a menage is for Kayla, paying for the experience doesn't hold much appeal, even if the agency would cover the expense. When Kayla arrives home after the meeting, she spots next door neighbor and longtime crush Shawn in the driveway. Normally Kayla would have stopped to speak with him but the combination of her crush for him and the knowledge that she'd be participating in a threesome has her a bit self conscious. Unbeknownst to her, Shawn has finally gotten up the courage to ask her out. Kayla has everything she's ever wanted right within her grasp, but will she have to choose between her career and Shawn?

Sedonia Guillone's MANWICH is a heart-touching tale about three people who have been hurt in the past and lack self confidence. They each fulfill a need within each other that goes far beyond just sexual gratification. The love and trust between Kayla, Shawn, and Ryan can easily be felt, making their relationship beautiful while encompassing many of the fantasies the readers may have about threesomes. Ms. Guillone does an amazing job bringing out the emotional aspect of her characters. Situations that could have been strictly sexual, become emotionally stimulating and will leave readers sighing. If you enjoyed Ms. Guillone's LADY OF TWO LAIRDS, you'll love this story as well.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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