Calendar Boys: March: Kiss Me
By jhayboy
Sep 8, 2008 - 9:53:14 AM

Alejandro Marroquin, current darling of the gay porn scene, knows he looks good, and does what he does because it’s a job and it pays the bills. He is very choosy about the guys he dates as he is also a realist and knows that guys are drawn to him because of who he is. He makes a move on Mal at the first available opportunity, but takes it slow as he wants more from this freelancer than one night in front of the lens. 

Can these two people find middle ground, when one is the stuff of dreams before the camera and the other a master of his craft behind it?

Jamie Craig brings freshness to an industry that is not without its complications and issues. Alejandro's job is definitely not conducive to a relationship.  However we are treated to the person behind the porn star, and he is funny, loyal and fiercely jealous of whom and what he considers his.

Mal has his own confidence issues to deal with, but is prepared to compromise and take it one day at a time in order to make the relationship work.

March madness has hit, and it doesn't get much better than CALENDAR BOYS - MARCH: KISS ME. This is a fantastic third book in Jamie Craig’s Calendar Boys Series. Alejandro and Mal are the stuff of dreams, whether in front of or behind the camera.

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