Marek's Gift (The Moretti Men, Book 2)
By Jo
Feb 20, 2014 - 11:55:30 PM

This is Marek and Arielle's story but his half brothers, Micah and Matteo, are once again an important part of the storyline along with the Triple-M which they inherit together. 

Dynowski's MAREK'S GIFT (MORETTI MEN SERIES, VOLUME 2) was a quick read but fell short of the first book in the series, MICAH'S JEWEL. MAREK'S GIFT wasn't as well developed and the storyline wasn't as strong.  I enjoyed reading about Marek's job, how he grew up and how he lived his life.  Arielle, a doctor, lived in her head and always heard her ex-boyfriend's put downs. When they were together the sparks did fly and there was chemistry but neither one wanted what the other did. I found it hard to believe that Arielle being so religious could turn on a dime and become wanton by trying to seduce Marek.  Marek hurt her more than he knew by turning her down and with the words that he uttered when he did so.  There was a happily ever after but it was too sudden and it wasn't fully developed and didn't get the buildup it needed. 

Dynowski is an author I recently found and I look forward to reading Matteo's story even with the strong religious bent.

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