Market for Love
By Pamela Denise
Aug 1, 2009 - 11:01:37 PM

Miranda Johansson, the only financial stock research analyst at Maxwell Moore and Company LLC, is facing the worst day in her seven year career. She has just lost $87 million of her clients’ money. Shaken up, she accepts the help of the tall, sexy man who’d looked as if he’d just stepped off the pages of GQ. When he takes her back to his private office to recoup and finish her latte, she boldly gives into her lust and initiates an anonymous round of sex.

Soon after the most incredible experience of her life, Miranda finds out the person she shared it with was her new boss, Maxwell Moore, Junior. Mortified, she vows to try and put the heady feelings he stirs up inside of her and focus on business, but Max has no intention of letting Miranda forget about their hot tryst in his private office. He intends to have her as a partner in both his business and personal life.



As things heat up between Max and Miranda, scandals develop and a vindictive ex steps into the picture. They stand to lose everything professionally and have their personal lives dragged through the mud unless they can put a stop to things. Will their relationship stand up to the pressure or will it end with their career?



MARKET FOR LOVE was everything I’d hoped for when reading about romance in the corporate world.  Scandal, betrayal, power, and mind-blowing physical encounters permeated the pages. Jamaica Layne’s witty and saucy Miranda and sexy go-getter Max bring excitement and life to this fun contemporary.  All in all, this makes for a very satisfying read.

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