Marnie's Secret
By Natasha Smith
Jul 1, 2008 - 6:54:19 AM

Widow Marnie
Prescott has done nothing worthwhile or noteworthy other than strive to be perfect.  She was a dutiful and perfect daughter, a perfect wife, and now she is the perfect widow.  That’s where Marnie draws the line.  Not content to be the grieving widow, she decides to do something for herself and that is act on one of her fantasies.  She wants to be submissive to a man for one night so that her need for hot, erotic sex can be fulfilled.  She enlists the aid of her best friend Lara, who in turn finds her the perfect man for the night – Hank Butler.  With just one look Hank makes Marnie’s inhibitions melt and her heart flutter.

Hank Butler is almost unable to believe he is doing what he is doing.  He finds himself at Club Sixty Nine to unwind and instead has been ‘chosen’ to be Marnie’s boy toy for the evening.  Not one to throw away an opportunity, Hank follows his new boss to a room where he proceeds to show her exactly how a man loves a woman in the bedroom.  Hank has just one doubt – what is Marnie going to do when she finds out exactly who he is?  Unsure of the outcome, Hank accepts one thing.  He is unwilling to divulge his identity with Marnie because she is suddenly the woman of his dreams.


Hank Butler is a man after my own heart.  He is dominant and sexy but respectful at the same time.  He wants to tell Marnie who he is, and although he doesn’t come clean about being in her employ at that point in time, I couldn’t help but love him.  He is especially tender when dealing with Marnie’s security issues.  I could relate to Marnie and I think that is why I cared for her so much.  She is the good girl that makes mamas and daddies proud and I love how she wants to shed her inhibitions and experience the naughty side of life, even if she thinks she is only doing it for her birthday.


MARNIE’S SECRET is a great read.  It is emotional, gripping, and downright sensual.  I have gone back and read it more than once and I am sure other readers will as well!

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