Marriage 101
By Dina Smith
Oct 15, 2005 - 3:08:00 AM

When Katherine Anderson got off the phone with Professor Krumsfeld she realized she would have to do some fast thinking. The Professor had assumed that Katherine was married and before she had a chance to correct his mistake he had already hung up. The seminar that the Professor was hosting could be a huge asset in Katherine's career. Katherine graduated with honors three years earlier. She earned a PhD in psychology with an emphasis on marriage and family and she has worked hard to get to the position that she now holds at the Ohio State University. Teaching at this seminar was too good of an opportunity to pass up, so Katherine came up with a plan.

Katherine has know Steven Colby since their days at UCLA and they have been best friends ever since. Steven would love for their relationship to go further but Katherine didn't seem to be interested in him that way so he figured friends was better than nothing. When Katherine asked Steven to pretend he was her husband for a month Steven knew he would do it because Katherine needed him.

From the moment Katherine and Steven arrived at the Oklahoma State University nothing seemed to be going right. They were supposed to get their own apartment on campus with two bedrooms. It turned out that they would be sharing the apartment with another teacher and his wife, which meant that Steven and Katherine would have to share a bedroom. Then when Katherine met professor Krumsfeld, a man who was highly respected in his field, she realized he was not at all the person she had thought him to be. The professor's views on marriage were outdated and barbaric but not one person at the seminar was willing to go against his views.

While Katherine and Steven are playing at being husband and wife there is nothing playful about the feeling's they both seem to be having. Is Katherine finally ready to take their friendship further or is it just Steven's wishful thinking? What about the professor; can he really be as bad as he seems? Katherine is about to learn a very important lesson; sometimes the answer's can be right in front of you if only you look hard enough.

MARRIAGE101 is a fun, fast paced read. From the first page to the last I could not stop reading this captivating story. Katherine and Steven have such a great friendship it was refreshing and fun to watch it blossom right before my eyes. Dayne Gearner is a talented writer that I will be looking to read more from in the future.

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