Marriage By Design
By Rosie Bindra
Oct 4, 2006 - 12:00:00 AM

Mia Savard needs a change.  After turning thirty and getting dumped by her boyfriend, Mia’s decided she’s had it with brides.  She wants to leave the taffeta behind and embrace the couture girl she knows she can be.  As the top designer at the bridal design company she works at, there’s only one little snag preventing her from making the change; her boss, better known as, her father.  Mia’s ready to resign after her father’s refuses to switch her, but things quickly change when it’s discovered someone has leaked Mia’s latest design to the competition.

Ex-cop, turned private investigator, Joe Kerr is hired to look into the matter of the stolen design. Things quickly heat up, but not for the case. It’s Mia who gets Joe’s adrenaline pumping. However, as an employee at Savoy’s, she’s automatically a suspect, making her completely off limits to him. But even that’s not enough to stop Joe from falling in love with Mia. And as fate would have it, her falling in love with him. The more he investigates, the more things look bad for Mia. Will Joe be the downfall of the woman he loves?

This wacky adventure in bridal wear is bound to put you in the mood for a wedding. MARRIAGE BY DESIGN sizzles with the chemistry between Mia and Joe.  These two are the perfect couple. They’re fun, flirtatious, charming and will make you laugh out loud.  The secondary characters are the type of people you read about and think hey, I have one of those in my life. Chick lit fans will love this heartwarming love story. A great romance read and one you won’t want to pass up. A must for any keeper’s shelf.

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