Marriage Make-Over
By Billie Jo
Jan 20, 2005 - 12:14:00 PM

Kelly is single and loving it!  She has worked hard for five years to make her dreams come true.  She now writes her own column, Single and Loving It, for Fresh Magazine.  Kelly has fans that live by her words.    But Kelly has a very big secret.  When someone writes to the magazine and issues a challenge for Kelly, she has no choice but to respond to it.  When she goes to do the interview, she is shocked to her toes to see Simon of St. Kilda.  Will Kelly be able to keep her secret and keep her job?  Or will she follow her heart and give Simon and love a second chance?

Simon of St. Kilda is a gorgeous and wealthy man who has issued Kelly a challenge.  He also knows Kelly's secret.  Simon has been out of Kelly's life for five years.  When he read the column that Kelly wrote, he knew he had to see for himself if Kelly really believes what she writes about men and love.  Did Simon destroy the love that he and Kelly once shared?  Will he be able to convince Kelly that love is the ultimate journey? 


MARRIAGE MAKE-OVER is a fantastic love story.  If you believe in love and second chances, then this book is a must read.  Ally Blake's magical ability to make you want to believe in love is incredible.  I laughed, cried and yelled with Kelly throughout this book.  I was able to completely relate to this book.  Ally Blake delivers some memorable catchy phrases.  I am definitely putting this book on my 'keeper's shelf'.

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