Marriage, Manhattan Style
By Michele Rioli
Jan 9, 2009 - 10:47:09 PM

Elizabeth Wellington is one lucky lady. She is married to a super wealthy and fabulously handsome man and they live in a penthouse on 721 Park Avenue. Her residence is replete with the best view of Manhattan. With the most fantastic creature comforts available at her disposal, why then is she so depressed?


Debonair Reed Wellington has it all, an extraordinarily beautiful wife who loves him passionately, the ownership of a successful corporation, and he is dripping with money. Why then is he so worried?

Ever hear of that old saying, “When it rains, it pours”? Reed Wellington’s life goes from very pleasant to very complicated in no time flat after he receives a blackmail letter from an unknown source.  Next, the Securities Exchange Commission investigates his company about a serious matter. Oh boy! Reed spends practically every waking minute he can at the office working on the dreadful situation. He leaves his wife, Elizabeth, in the dark about what has happened since he doesn’t want her to worry.


With Reed continuously absent from home, Elizabeth is increasingly frustrated spending her evenings alone. She also grows jealous of the time her husband spends at the office and wonders if he is having an affair. Especially after she discovers he has been spending an unusual amount of time with one woman in particular at his company. With the odd way, Reed is acting she suspects something is amiss. She desperately wants to create a family, but how can she when her husband doesn’t have time for her?


Elizabeth drops a bombshell on Reed when she tells him that she wants to file for divorce. After this alarming announcement, Reed realizes he needs to regroup and prioritize. What will happen to their marriage? Will Reed realize his love for his wife is stronger than his love for his job? When destiny brings an unexpected turn of events, will it help their marriage or hurt it?


Barbara Dunlop’s book, MARRIAGE MANHATTAN STYLE, is a beautifully rendered tale of spousal misgivings, an intriguing blackmailer, suspense and romance. When Reed Wellington receives a blackmail attempt on his corporation, he decides not to worry his wife about the situation, thinking he can take care of it. Well, what Reed doesn’t realize, is that by keeping the problem a secret from her it creates even more turmoil. Elizabeth threatens divorce after spending many evenings alone as she grows increasingly jealous of his job and his time spent with one lady at his firm. I can readily sympathize with Elizabeth about her situation since my husband is frequently away from home on business. Ms. Dunlop does a fantastic job accurately portraying a realistic marriage situation where spouses do not communicate with one another. I was rooting for Elizabeth most of the time and angry with Reed for not being more attuned to her feelings and leaving her alone. Reed and Elizabeth finally get some quality time together and when they do, the romance sparks really fly! Reed is a drop dead gorgeous man who has some very sexy moves up his sleeve! The romance scenes are simply divine! MARRIAGE MANHATTAN STYLE could be likened to the TV show of the Rich and Famous with a hint of intrigue and suspense. Make this fantastic story your excuse to go to the bookstore today!


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