Marriage at Circle M

Author: Donna Alward

Publisher: Harlequin Romance

Release Date: September

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Mike’s good looks and charm still affect Grace.  When he returns to the Circle M, it appears to Grace that he plans to stay.  As she shares in other family’s delights, she sometimes feels cheated by their joys.  Having been hurt by a past marriage, she finds that some things take more time to heal and recover from.  She busies herself by taking care of others.  Thankfully, her job keeps her hands busy and her mind occupied.  She has less time to think about her past marriage and the secret she carries deep within her soul.  With a ready smile, she faces others, but Mike can see behind the cheerful facade.  He sees the pain in her eyes and longs to do something to take it away.

When Mike hires her to do the books at the Circle M, she readily accepts.  Soon afterwards, she wishes she had refused.  He is there far too much and is always popping in.  Seeing Mike so much causes Grace to feel unsettled.  She often misreads his looks of longing and thinks that he doesn’t want to be with her.  His caring words often lead to a fight.  She doesn’t know how to handle these strange, mixed-up feelings.  One minute it seems that Mike really likes her and the next his words seem to be insulting.

Mike has a sense of protectiveness where Grace is concerned that never went away.  They each have things in the past that they want to forget.  Can they do it together, by allowing love and healing to work in their lives? Will they cling to the pain, along with Grace’s secret killing any chances she has at happiness?

Donna Alward writes a powerful story of coming out of the world of past hurts and embracing the future.  The emotions are compelling and they carry you away with each page.  As I read MARRIAGE AT CIRCLE M, it reminded me of my own secrets and pasts full of pain.  Donna Alward showed me that we are the ones who give power to these things.  Why not allow the promise of happiness to claim your day and future?

MARRIAGE AT CIRCLE M is a wonderful a novel!  This warmhearted tale contains all the important elements of love and friendship.  I felt the struggle that Grace and Mike face as they dealt with past issues.  I rejoiced with them when they finally overcame their mountain, finding happiness in their future together.  Donna Alward's story is a gem so pass it along to all your friends.    

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Amelia

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