Married in a Month
By Brooke Wills
Jul 24, 2003 - 7:08:00 AM

Colt Garret has a problem.  When the forever-bachelor discovers a baby on his doorstep, complete with official papers making him the child’s legal ward, he is at his wits' end.  What does he know about babies, especially babies that won’t stop crying for three weeks straight!

Kati Winslow knows what it is like to be an unwanted child having grown up in foster homes.  It is her dream to open Kati’s Angels in Rattlesnake, Texas; a childcare center where children would always know they were loved.  But to reach her goal, she must have money, and lots of it.  In order to obtain a loan, the bankers have told her she must have collateral.


Seeing the ad in the newspaper for a nanny is just the first step.  The next hurdle is to get the handsome, rich rancher to marry her…for business purposes only.  And the biggest obstacle of all is to remember not to fall in love with one Colt Garret.


Exhausted, desperate, and out of options, Colt agrees to the crazy scheme.  Even though it means losing his freedom, even though it means breaking his vow to never marry.  But watching the brown-haired beauty with the small child make the hardened cowboy wonder if a real marriage and family wouldn’t be so bad after all.


Written with humor and tenderness, Linda Goodnight has created another wonderful read.  Her characters are extremely likeable and very real-life.  Cookie, the grizzled cook/housekeeper, is a hoot; the type of person we would all love to have running our kitchens.  For a delightful way to pass a summer’s afternoon or evening, MARRIED IN A MONTH is just the ticket.


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