Married in a Rush
By Alane
Oct 1, 2006 - 6:09:00 PM

School’s out and teacher Joanna Graham has the entire summer ahead of her.  Too bad her planned cruise to the Greek Isles was cancelled at the last minute, but how could she know her boyfriend Spiros was about to propose marriage?  And why would he do it the night before they were scheduled to leave on their trip?  Jo isn't the type to settle down, and even if she were, Spiros wouldn't be the right man for her.  So much for her pleasant fling and relaxing trip.  Jo loves men, but she can’t imagine spending the rest of her life with just one.  Maybe it's time to give men a rest.  She'll spend her summer vacation visiting museums and other culturally-oriented sites right here in London.  That's the sort of thing teachers do, isn't it?  Armed with her new resolve, Jo heads off to an art museum.  Who knew the epitome of male perfection would be at the same museum, at the same time?  Jo calls on every bit of willpower she possesses.  Amidst the classic paintings populating the museum, Jo practically stalks the man.  When they literally bump into each other, sparks fly.

When a beautiful woman bumps into Bruno Deluca, his first instinct is to run away.  He first spotted the gorgeous, intriguing woman while waiting to meet his sister-in-law and nephew at a museum café in London.  She seemed to exude vibrancy and life.  For the first time in months, Bruno felt a spark come to life inside him.  He immediately tried to put it out.  He isn't ready for a woman, even if she is sexy, attractive and clearly interested in him.  Ever since a personal tragedy several months ago, Bruno Deluca hasn’t been interested in any kind of social interaction.  An American, Bruno recently moved to London to be near his only relatives.  He has no intention of getting involved with anyone.  So after his collision with the woman, Bruno immediately backs off.  Then he begins to wonder exactly why he ran from the first woman he’s been attracted to in months.  Maybe he can find her again.


Jo Graham isn't easily put off.  She knows the man must have felt the same pull of attraction she felt.  Ignoring her vow to take a break from men, Jo searches the museum for the handsome stranger.  Luckily, they find each other again.  They also find a convenient, unlocked cleaning closet.  After a steamy day and night together, they go their separate ways.  Although it wasn’t unexpected, there’s no denying that Jo’s disappointed when she doesn’t hear from Bruno again.  Everything changes when Jo finds out she’s pregnant.  She believes Bruno deserves to know he’s going to be a father.  But she doesn’t expect him to propose marriage, even if it is for the sake of their unborn child.  Can two passionate people, attracted to each other like a magnet to steel, find happiness in a marriage of convenience?


Would it be possible for a confirmed serial-dater like Jo Graham to commit herself to just one man?  What fun to watch her fall, hard, for Bruno Deluca, doing her best to deny her true feelings all the way.  Even had she not been pregnant with his child, I have a feeling Bruno just might have proven quite a challenge to Jo’s dating habits and single status, in spite of his reluctance to get close to anyone.  I hoped he would find a way to believe that although he suffered crushing losses in the past, there was still hope for the future.  Most of all, I hoped Jo and Bruno would admit their true feelings to each other, build a lasting marriage, and find the happiness they both deserved.  MARRIED IN A RUSH is a pleasurable and satisfying read.

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