The Fortunes of Texas - Marry In Haste
By Jennifer Wardrip
Sep 27, 2003 - 5:21:00 AM

Reed Fortune fled Sydney, Australia, for one reason. He’d been dumped and duped by his fiancée , and he needed time to regroup. What better place to do it than in Reno, Nevada, where he could gamble, drink, and watch the women to his hearts content?

Mallory Prescott was a good girl, and she’d agreed to her mother and stepfather’s wishes to marry Winston Bentley IV for that same reason. She didn’t love the man, didn’t even particularly like him, but she’s always done what her parents have seen fit, and this is no different. But on her way from San Francisco to San Antonio, Texas, Mallory needs, just once, to break away, to rebel. So she stops off for a quick indulgence into real life in Reno.

When Reed and Mallory meet in the hotel bar, sparks fly, and so does common sense. A little too much champagne, a couple of slow dances, and they wake up the next morning realizing that being in bed together is not exactly what they’d planned. When Mallory realizes that they’ve actually gotten married, all hell breaks loose.

Winston has tracked Mallory to Reno, and to say he’s a little unhappy with her is an understatement. He vows to bring his reluctant bride home, where she belongs, and nothing is going to stop him. Until he sees the legal document in Reed Fortune’s hand, which states that his untouched bride-to-be is now the wife of the famous, tabloid-fodder Fortune’s.

Mallory goes home to Reed’s ranch in Australia for no other reason than to convince her conniving parents that she can make a life for herself on her own. She doesn’t need a rich man to take care of her, especially one that she doesn’t love. What she does love is her freedom, and being in Reed’s arms. Loves it a little too much, as he seems to be oblivious to her growing attraction.

MARRY IN HASTE is a re-release in the popular "The Fortunes of Texas" series from Silhouette. I can see why it was brought back out, as it’s a good book with a great story line. Ms. Smith has brought us a story with fun, believable characters and witty dialogue. This book is a keeper.

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