Marry Me, Cowboy
By Chris Mead
Sep 28, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Tegan Ash is a native Australian who is in the United States on a visa that is about to expire.  Not wanting to leave the country, she makes arrangements with her friend Chet to get married so that she does not have to give up riding in the rodeo circuit.  When Chet backs out and leaves Tegan at the alter, she must reconsider her plans and she may have to go back home.

Jamie MacCreadie is a man of few words.  He and Tegan do not exactly see eye to eye, but he offers to marry her anyway to help her with her dilemma.   Jamie is not prepared for the overwhelming attraction that he has for Tegan because the two just cannot seem to get along. Can two people who are so at odds with one another possibly find love together?  

Tegan is shocked when she realizes that she harbors feelings for Jamie.  The sexual chemistry between the two is explosive.  Tegan has unresolved issues with her family and Jamie encourages her to go back home to work her problems out.  I loved that Tegan is such a strong and resilient character.  It was a pleasure to read about a woman who can hold her own in the rodeo ring.

Jamie may not have a lot to say, but he is an awesome friend.  He is there for Chet when he drinks too much and when he discloses a life-altering secret.  I fell for Jamie‚Äôs vulnerable side and the way that he interacts with his family.  He and Tegan might not always agree, but the banter between the two kept me amused.

Lilian Darcy really brings the town of Marietta, Montana, to life with vivid descriptions that will have readers kicking up dirt, smelling the food from the concession stands and enjoying the beautiful scenery. MARRY ME, COWBOY is a fresh and fun novella that makes for a quick and satisfying read. I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy today!

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