Marrying A Stranger

Author: Sophie Jaye

Publisher: Heartline Books Ltd

Release Date: October 12, 2001

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Megan Ross is tired of matchmaking friends and family. She is frustrated by her uncle and aunt who are smothering her with their protectiveness. Her parents died when she was very young and her aunt and uncle have taken care of her. Hence Megan does not want to go against them. How can she convince them about her wish of getting married to a man who has same interests as her, one who can live a simple life and travel all around the world? When on holiday in Northumberland, she meets Ben Saunders and they gradually become friends. They share similar interests and when Ben proposes a marriage of convenience, Megan, though reluctant, agrees to it.

Life seems perfect to Megan and Ben for some time. Megan is gradually falling in love with Ben and they are spending enjoyable moments together despite Ben’s hectic work schedules. Then Ben's ex-girlfriend Cynthia enters their lives. The harmony that they have achieved starts to crumble before their eyes. Megan starts having doubts about the survival of their marriage Her feelings for Ben are too strong to let him go. Did she do the right thing by marrying him? And is Ben regretting his proposal? If so, where do they go from here? Will the situation strengthen the weak bond of their relationship or will it sever it altogether?

MARRYING A STRANGER is a feel-good story about relationships. The tender exploration of the feelings between Megan and Ben is beautiful throughout and leaves a warm feeling when it ends. Megan is a woman with no complications and that easily brings her close to your heart. She has no wiles, and is extremely charming. Ben’s mind is never revealed and the reader is kept guessing about his intentions which makes the novel interesting. The frustrations and jealousy that Megan faces are very aptly described and the reader feels a part of the whole setting. Sophie Jaye weaves a straightforward yarn of happiness and sadness in a marriage. The novel gives a clear message of love being a journey and not a destination. And that the journey is not always a bed of roses. A book worth reading!

Note that MARRYING A STRANGER was originally published as A SUITABLE BRIDE by Sherry-Anne Jacobs. It is now revised and lengthened.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dee Herga

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